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Cities are the keys to a sustainable future for humanity — and will be vital to the future of the rest of our natural world. Only by making cities more efficient, equitable, and healthful can Earth’s expanding human population be accommodated in ways that protect the ecological fabric which our society relies upon. Finding sustainable solutions requires that we integrate lessons from all facets of science, technology, and design in Zimbabwe.

Regain Thirty Seven PVT LTD  a Zimbabwe registered entity is happy to lead the Zimbabwe Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative. Regain 37 offers a plethora of technology enthusiasts who offer local and international experience.  In  partnership with like minded different stakeholders, both locally and internationally.

The goal of building a smart city is to improve the quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet residents’ needs.

Our Partners

Catalyst to Economic Development

Ride and augment the current government’s economic drive and re-integration. The ethos drive further the ZimAsset Agenda and 10 Point Plan Economic Blueprint.

New Money

Successful initiatives attract a new breed of investor who are religious followers of the green economy.

New Skill Sets

Creates a new world of employability via bolstering of new ICT Skill sets that meets the modern day technologies.

New Business

interdependencies create and birth new business formulas.

International Standards

Adopting internationally rated smart sustainable city standards will put Zimbabwe on the global map, a basic KPI most technology companies look for.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency etc. among many other smart based technologies have the potential to create multi-trillion dollar industries.

Symposium And Exhibition

Zimbabwe Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative is following the best international standards based on similar  developmental organizations in the world, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission, International Organization for Standardization, and the the International Telecommunication Union. Together with Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security we are co-jointly convening this core group of leaders, citizens, private sector and civil societies to participate in a National ICT Implementation Policy Workshop. After which a Symposium and Exhibition will be convened at  a later date.

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